Policies and Procedures

Below you will find policies and procedures from UKSA, if there are any questions please contact us

Doping and Clean Sport

The UK Sports Association follows the Virtus and UK Anti-Doping good practice guidance.  Virtus is a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code and UKSA follows that guidance.

Doping is a very serious matter. We expect athletes, coaches, organisations working with UKSA, event organisers and all Virtus related activities to follow the good practice set out in UKSA, Virtus, WADA, UK Sport and UK Anti-Doping Organisation Policies.

We expect athletes, coaches, UKSA stakeholders and Partners to read and understand the procedures and ensure they are followed.

If you are an athlete focusing on the Paralympic pathway or Virtus pathway, anti-doping rules are relevant to you.  For Virtus athletes, follow the guidance on these pages and use UKSA as your point of contact.  For Paralympic pathway athletes on an NGB performance programme, speak to your anti-doping contact at your NGB.

It should be noted that the Virtus anti-doping programme is based upon a Testing Pool policy and focusses on in competition testing at all Virtus events, therapeutic use exemptions and test result management. This means that all UK athletes whether on a UKSA team to a Virtus event, or an NGB team working with UKSA to a Virtus event will be required to go through anti-doping procedures as part of their selection or invitation.

Important Reading for UK athletes

Your Responsibilities: Principles, Good Practice and Talking Points

How to check medication and apply for a TUE

Other Useful Resources and Links

Protection Policy

UKSA is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults in sport and works to promote and uphold good practice taking advice from the NSPCC, Child Protection in Sport Unit and other information sources.

Criminal Record Bureau Disclosures

All staff and volunteers that manage and accompany athletes in the Great Britain Team will be expected to have an enhanced Disclosure that is either from their Home Country Association (ie. One of UKSA’s four members) or their Sports Governing Body. Only disclosures that are no more than 18 months old on the day after a team returns from competition will be accepted. Contact the UKSA office for a full copy of UKSA’s Protection Statement.

Code of Conduct

UKSA expects all its athletes, staff and GB Team supporters to work well together, respect each others roles and present a positive and professional image of UKSA and Great Britain when away at any sports competition, training or other event. There are 3 separate policies

Other Policies and Procedures

To view a selection of other UKSA Policies and procedures download the full content below. If you do not see what you are looking for, or have any questions, then please contact the UKSA office for more information.

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