Eligibility and Classification

Athletes with learning disability in the UK are classified by either UKSA or Inas

Athletes with learning disability in the UK are evaluated and classified by either UKSA or Inas before they can compete in international events and some competitions in the UK. This process is sometimes called “Athlete Registration” or “Eligibility and Classification”.

All athletes who meet the eligibility criteria and are classified as an athlete with learning disability to compete in sport will be given either a UKSA or Inas classification number.

Athletes will appear on the UKSA database and for international athletes appear on the Inas master list published on their website.

The classification procedures and eligibility criteria on this site should be treated as a guide only. You should always speak to your Home Country Association or UKSA before you conduct any assessments or begin to complete any classification application form.

The UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability (UKSA) holds the central database and leads and manages classification for any athlete from the UK.

UKSA is the only official Great Britain member of INAS, the international federation for para athletes with intellectual disability. Inas is a member of the International Paralympic Committee.

If you are an athlete who has had or has applied for a classification before and you are in any doubt about whether your classification is valid or not, then contact Tracey McCillen at UKSA on 020 7490 3057 who will be able to tell you.