Collaboration is key!

UKSA is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

Currently, two representatives from each Home Country Organisation, or other appropriate body are invited to sit on the Board of Directors of UKSA. These representatives are also the Trustees of UKSA. UKSA Board also comprises independant non-Home Country Directors/Trustees.

Each Home Country Association is responsible for grass roots sports development for athletes with learning disability in their own Country.  UKSA’s role is at talent level, moving forward to performance.  Given the nature of the various organisations involved, UKSA becomes a conduit for those talented athletes from each Home Country to progress further.

UKSA staff, representatives, Committee members and Trustees are voluntary all of whom come together to manage the day to day activities of the organisation.

Throughout the United Kingdom, UKSA is supported by a wealth of voluntary professionals, including psychologists, teachers, coaches, sports technical advisers and support workers to name but a few. The work of the Organisation is reliant on the continued good will of dedicated and committed volunteers at every level to ensure athletes with learning disability can access quality competitive sports opportunities.

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